Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We all know what patch work is. Especially those doing quilts know much more than me. In India too patch work has been used traditionally for long. But today I am not touching that.

Today I am only talking about the contemporary patch work, that's been storming the Indian fashion scene. Especially Saris are being adorned with various patch work. The patches are added using machine stitching. Ofcourse attaching by hand is time consuming for a six meters Sari. Now the simplest form is adding patches in different shapes like flowers, squares, circles, triangles and so on. The patches can be plain or printed.

But the creative minds add embellishment on the patches. It could be a simple embroidery using floss- running stitch, back stitch, herring bone and chain etc. Even the floss used could be ordinary cotton or silk, metallic threads or the coloured thread with gold in it.

Apart from this, kundans, coins, beads, mirrors and many such things are used to highlight the patches. I will share with you some of them here, as I dint have much time to photograph my saris. So will do them one by one as time permits:

Here is a sari I bought when I went to visit my cousins a few months back. Here I loved the combination of white and red. There was also white with black combination. But it was not as dramatic as this. A printed cloth has been used for the patches. The patches are square in shape. Interestingly the patches are surrounded by block prints.

This is the Pallu. A number of patches are used here as it can be quite clearly seen when that part is draped over the shoulder You can see the block printed border below the patches.

Here you can see the ribbon sized patch on both the edges of the sari along with the block printed design.

Here you can see the blouse made of matching printed material. I love this sari for its dramatic combination. The sari is made of cotton material and is good any time but more so in summer when the temperatures soar.

So how do you like it? Its very simple but elegant....

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