Friday, November 6, 2009


Which woman does not like jewellery? We gals always have a thing for all such things. I don't much like to wear heavy ones. Most of the times I don't bother much with jewelery unless I am attending some weddings or other such ceremonies. But then I am interested in just admiring the jewellery pieces, designing them and updating myself on various new designs, fads and fashions.

Indians of coarse love gold. I am not going to talk about the traditional or jewellery made of precious metals which are quite costly. With gold touching the all time high price, I just don't understand how we can afford it.

Here are some Pearl sets. The pearls have been stringed with nylon wire. The pendants and ear rings are made of silver in the first one.
Here too the pendants and ear rings have been made of silver but plated with gold. You can see the corals and other coloured stones in the pendants and ear rings.

Any way I am going to show you some of the jewellery made from other materials, which are not only, beautiful and affordable but also quite unique.

This is made of terracotta. This is from Indonesia. Brought it in one of the world fairs. I love this simple design.
This is made of clay from Indonesia. I love the leaves. Goes well with dresses of greens and browns.

Now these are the terracotta necklaces from India. See the earrings and pendants of the same design. One of them is Swastika and the other is Ganesha. But I could not capture the details of the pendants or ear rings clearly. I am not a very good photographer even with a digital camera.

These ones below are made of jute and wooden beads. These are from Bengal India. There are many beautiful deigns in a variety of colours.

Now here one of the above is made of marble chips. These are from India. There are so many shades available in marble chip jewelery . The other one is made of stone beads and marble pendant. Again from India.

Some more beads of semi precious stones and marble chip jewelry below from India.Look at the lovely rainbow colours to match various colours of our dresses.

This is made of some black metal. These are tribal designs from India.

These ones below are made of silk thread. They have bangles and ear rings along with the necklace.These are from Rajasthan. Aren't they lovely? These can be custom made to match the colourful and rich silks one wear for parties and marriages.

I have still so many to share with you all. But need to photograph them. Will share with you some other time.

Please do leave your comments. How  have you felt after looking at some my collections? Please let me know...



Ann said...

Your jewellery collection is beautiful, I love the one with the squares but they are all very pretty. Looking at them made me want some!!!

Astrid said...

Interesting indeed! I love the green/brown leaf necklace from Indonesia as well as the vibrant silk jewelry from Rajasthan. All of them are unique!