Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blouses in Fashion

Blouses worn with saris are always a fashion statements. A sari can be worn with different blouses and look different: whether, matching in colour, print or design or in  contrast. The design of the neck, hands and back, embroidered with various materials and what not- creativity lies in our thoughts and lo each one is different and unique.

Off late women in India are going in for more gorgeous and intricately embroidered designer blouses. It is not a surprise to see some one wearing a fabulously done blouse which is much more costlier than the sari. Especially if one is wearing silks or brocades or tissues or any party wear for that matter, the designer blouses are the ones which draw our attention to the sari.

Here I am sharing with you, some of the ones I have. These are basically made of cotton material, block printed from Jaipur and embroidered with sequins. My friend  has a boutique. So she gets lots of fabrics. One day over a cup of tea, both of us happened to be going through the bits and pieces she had. So we used the bits and pieces to make some very fabulous blouses. Some of the sequins I stitched for fun but her skilled workers did most of the embroidery and in such a short time too. Of course we can buy them these days at various shops, a little bit costly but then they are beautiful.

See how the existing prints or stipes or other designs on the fabric are highlighted with sequins.Some time just thread is used to stitch, running stitch, chain, herringbone etc.

 Black and red with a round neck.

 This is the design on the back side. See the patch work on hands, neck and also the sequins highlighting the design  on the blouse.
  This one is a brown See the neck pattern.
 See the short sleeves and the work on it highlighting the existing print.
 See the square neck in front.
 This is how it looks on the front.
 Now see the beauty of this with different patches on the neck and back
 See the work on the sleeves.

 This is on the front side.

 The bright lemon yellow- I love the colour. This is on the back side.
 This is the front.

These blouses can be worn with any sari provided its not too jarring on the eye. I wear them generally with plain cotton saris. Silk and brocade pieces are also being used for these blouses with sequin work, coin work and other such embellishments. I will share some more when time permits.

Hope you have liked them. Please leave your comments.


NormaH said...

Beautiful and very unique!

Sailaja said...

Thank you Norma

Skeleton Girl said...

Absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a body to wear one! :)

Sailaja said...

Thaank you. My policy is when we like something wear it..Lol..who cares what others think as long as its making us happy ?

Ranu said...

Hey dear...it was jst fab to watch pics...specifically i wd like to watch more designs of patchwrk brocade blouse...or sm more designs of blouses..i wish to wear plain bordered saree with sm nice piece of wrk blouse....

Sailaja said...

Ok Ranu. I will try to post some more shortly....Keep watching my blog...

Anonymous said...

These look great

sharadha said...

wonderful blog mam!!!


Ms Sharma said...

Thank you Shardha