Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guests in my garden

Hello friends!

Its very hot here. Summer time is picking up. Time for enjoying watermelons, musk melons, cool cucumbers, tall frosty glasses of Sherbet or Lassi. I will write about sherbets and lassi some other time.

For children it is just pure fun. Schools are closed till mid June. So playtime for them. My four year old niece is visiting us and stays with us till evening. She is just not yet ready to leave her mom n dad at night.

Anyway just the other day, I had two guests in my garden-guess who? Monkeys, two of them. They roamed around in my garden and found the mango tree fully loaded with fruits. One sat at the foot of the tree and started feasting on the ones which were lying on the ground. The other one climbed the tree. After eating their fill they drank water from the tap, cleverly opening it. All the time I was watching them through the doorway. I just had camera handy and started clicking them.

You should forgive me for the poor quality of photographs-one I am not a good photographer even with a digital camera at best of times, tow my niece was literally standing on my toes for catching a glimpse of the monkeys and three the monkeys kept growling at me. So I was ready to take flight at the slightest sign of attack.

I just managed to click some pictures though. Here they are.

Having a feast
Drinking water
Growling at me

I just love animals and hate any cruelty towards them. 

You know Hanuman the monkey God is the most worshiped God in India. We Hindus thus worship birds, animals and trees and even rivers and mountains.

Coming back to the story,I felt so happy that they could enjoy fruits from my garden.

I remember my child hood. When I used to visit my paternal grandma. She used buy a basket full of cucumbers and keep them on the rack. There were no refrigerators at that time. A pack of monkeys would be on the prowl through out the day. One of the little ones used to sneak in through the bars of the window and drag the basket to the window. Then the older ones used to just pick all the contents in a jiffy just before our eyes and before we could even comprehend what was going on.

One more surprising fact was that when any women used to chase them they used to scare them or attack them. But when men used to chase them they used to run like anything. Why this gender bias? Any guesses.
Till next time then......


Sharon Serrano Ahmed said...

You need to do a stitched mural of the monkeys playing in your garden. I am a fiber artist in the US but I LOVE Indian art!

Sailaja said...

Thank you Sharon. Thats a great idea. I don't know any thing about stitching murals but would give it a try though.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great! We get the neighbors' dogs in our garden once in a while, that's all.
Did the monkeys turn the water OFF once they were through?

Ms Sharma said...

Yes, they did turn off the tap. I was surprised at that. But living near people, animals learn to survive by learning so many things.

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