Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh! Power of the Music

I have been away for so long and could not post. Sorry friends! I am back for a while so will be trying to post.
Actually I had to visit my granny who was quite ill. She is in bed since last two years. But being a strong lady she is her old cheerful self and curious to know more and more new things. But when we (me n my mom) received the message of her sudden illness we rushed there. When I stepped by her bed side she was not able to see anyone, her speech was slurred and she had difficulty in recognising people. She was slipping in and out of consciousness. I sat beside her and started talking to her. I am her favorite grand daughter. The suddenly it struck me. She was a very good singer. She used to sing Keertans from Carnatic Music and other Bhajans and devotional songs. So I started to sing her favorite songs in her ear. After twenty minutes or so she regained her consciousness and was revived. By the evening she was singing along with us remembering each word of the lyrics. In two days she was back to normal. Her vision and speech were restored and she was her cheerful self. The doctor said that she was depressed and wanted her kith and kin to visit her. So our visit helped her.
Thereafter I stayed with her for two weeks. Those were the moments which I will treasure for my life time. She shared her knowledge in making of various potions in Ayurveda, making of pickles and condiments other cooking and beauty tips and so many more. She remembered her school days, her childhood, the pranks she played, the songs she wrote and sang for her school function.... But I had to come back as I had a job to attend to. Alas!
Oh the Power of Music. We do not need any knowledge or know any language to understand Music. Music is an universal language. That is why there is a saying in Sanskrit "Sisurvetti, Pasurvetti, Vetti gana rasam phanihi". That means music is enjoyed by babies, animals or even snakes. Oh the power of music which revived my gran....I am also passionate about music. Listen to Indian and Western Classical apart from the popular Indian Film music, folk, pop and country music of the West.