Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Garden-1

Hello Friends. 

You know that Indian Summers are very hot. The temperatures are unbearable sometimes. The peak period in April and May till mid of June are really difficult to manage. 

If you have a small garden with not much big trees for shade, then it it really difficult to manage the smaller plants in pots. I have many causalities during summer in spite of taking proper precautions.

Well this year, I managed to keep the casualty level to bare minimum.

Here are some pics from my garden this summer:

My favorite Bougainvillea. It starts flowering during summer months and continues almost through out the year, since in South India, we have higher temperatures even in winters. I have now left with two colours pink and orange. I want to buy some more colours this year.

A closer look at the blooms here. They flower profusely, if we give them proper food and water.

Here comes the climbing beauty-creeper of bay pink and white roses. They bloom in bunches if allowed to climb properly onto some base. I had them climb my roof at one time and we had so many beautiful bunches of these roses, that many visitors would purposefully visit my house just to look at them. 

As of now, I have them just up on a pole. This season, I will again let them climb onto my roof.

Well this is the summer queen Jasmine. This is the double flower. It has two to three flowers on upon another in a single flower. This flowers less when compared to the ordinary once. But  the size of the flower and its fragrance is really good.

Here is my mudda Nandivardhanam. It flowers profusely and is used for puja. It gives off a very mild sweet fragrance.

Watch on for more on my blog....

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