Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Inchies Sampler-Square2


I have embroidered a tree with first shoots. I have used Perle cotton, brown and green colours.Chain, detached chain and few straight stitches were used. 

The summers of India are very hot and dusty. The vegetation suffers a lot. It is almost lifeless. Though bigger trees survive very well. After first few showers, the trees and plants give out new shoots. The green  colour of these is some how very lively, as if some one has given them a new life. That is what the rains do. No amount of watering by us can achieve that. I have also shown tufts of grass symbolising, new growth or new life  or a new beginning powered by the rains. It is like fresh or new hopes awakened by the life giving water. A revival of life I think.

On second thoughts, I could have done more trees instead of just one I suppose. 

Watch out for more of my sampler in the next posts.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Inchies Sampler-Square1

So here I am posting my first Square. But before that, the theme I have chosen for this sampler and other details.

This is the first time i am doing an Inchies Sampler. I am thrilled at the challenge of squeezing my expression into such a tiny space.

I have planned for 6 X 8= 48 squares. Horizontal 6 and vertical 8 squares. Each square is 2X2 inches. I was not too sure of 1X1 inch squares as they looked so tiny. 

The theme is Celebrating Indian Mosoons. The theme is definitely Indian Monsoon-but the word Celebrating is still in question. I will finalise it after completion of my sampler. Why I am saying that? You will know as I keep posting my squares. In fact I would very much appreciate your help in this matter. Please keep an eye on my sampler as I keep posting each square and do help me in choosing the apt title.

Why this theme? India is a country of villages and is basically dependent on agriculture. Most of our agriculture, rivers, water bodies and villages of South India are dependent on monsoons for water supply. With out Monsoons, we cannot imagine our lives. Oh by the way this year the monsoons are very late and scanty in some parts especially our states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.  

Monsoon season starts some where in June and lasts till September every year. But it does rain now and then till November when winter starts after the festival of Deepavali. 

Well I am attempting to cover this Monsoon in my Sampler. How far, I will be successful only you can tell me.

Square 1 :

The fabric, I chose for this project  was pure cotton, even weave, thick cloth of white colour. This is how I marked the grid or the squares with a pencil.

I stitched the outlines of the squares with 6 stranded black cotton floss. I have used back stitch.
For my first square, I have chosen a cloud and rain drops. I have used whipped stem stitch using white and blue colour cotton 6 stranded floss for the cloud. The drops are done in blue colour 6 stranded floss. But i was not at all satisfied with the result. It was some how empty.
Then I filled it with Chinese knots using off-white coloured, 6 stranded floss. For now, I have completed it. My stitches(back stitch and whipped stem) are not perfect. I have not used a hoop and the cloth is also very thick. 

But I still have some doubts plaguing me. Should I have painted the background of the square light blue to indicate sky? 

I wanted to use only hand embroidery int the sampler. But I doubt that I can stick to it as I may be compelled to use a little bit of painting or other media for a better result. What do you say?

Please drop in your comments and suggestions so that I can improve my sampler. Do keep a watch on my blog for further updates. I will keep you posted regularly.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Inchies Sampler

I have been wanting to do an Inchies Sampler for quite some time now. It is a  challenge to fit our creation in such a small space.  I have planned for 48 squares. No specific reason for choosing the number.

My theme and the few squares I have already worked -I will post shortly. But can anyone give me more insight into these Inchies Samplers; like their origin history and any other info about them? Any info is welcome. Please do share if you know anything about these samplers. I have come across very few of them on the net.

Would anyone like to join me? Mail me on my email...Keep an eye on my blog for the Inchies Sampler.....