Monday, March 4, 2019

Day 26-30 Day Coloring Challenge

Hi Friends!

How are you?  

The 30 Day Coloring Challenge has ended. I could not post my last entries, though I did finish them. My mother was unwell and I didn't get time to post though my entries.

Now my mom is getting better, so I just have a few minutes to post this:

This was the stamp I used. 

I stamped with black ink onto Ivory White card stock. You can see that the stamping was not perfect. So I corrected it with a black ink micro tipped pen.

I have used pencils for coloring the bigger flower and the leaves.

I used chalks to color the smaller flowers.Since the image looked too disjointed and bare, I added a few leaves and berries with pen and colored with pencils. Then I stamped a tiny butterfly and colored with pencils.

So this is the final image. Do you think this is OK? Do I still need to add some more foliage? What do you say?

I have kept these images to be used later in my crafts.

I still need to master coloring with pencils and chalk. 

Hope you like them.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Day 25-30 day Coloring Challenge

This was my attempt for Day 25

I have used a stamp, a small one with three flowers and leaves. I stamped it with black ink on Ivory White card stock.

I used color pencils for coloring.

Here I stamped it three times. You can in one of the images, since the stamping was not proper, I outlined it with black ink. The outline looks much thicker. That is why, I have not outlined the rest of the images. I used this for practicing.

Then, I stamped again separately four  images. I did not use masking technique. 

After coloring, I thought, I wanted to add on to it, as the images were not looking connected. So I added the leaves, buds, the stalks at the bottom-drew them by hand and made it into a bunch.

Then I colored them, added a ribbon and colored it.

So, this is the final bouquet. What do you think?

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Day 23-30 Day Coloring Challenge

This is the same image I used in my earlier post. I used color pencils for coloring. I think this one is better than the previous one.

I am yet to use all these images in my crafts. i am just coloring them for this challenge. 

Well what do you think about my efforts?

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