Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Teeny Weeny Grasshopper

Hi Friends!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying . 

I am back after a long time. Was not feeling well and had lot of of other things to attend to. Didn't have the strength  or time for blog.

It is either very hot and humid here or raining heavily- either way it is difficult to cope with. Yesterday, we had a heavy downpour. It was sudden and so much rain accompanied by those ear shattering thunders.

Within no time entire city was heavily flooded. Luckily we got back power after an initial cut of half an hour.  We had to struggle in the rain to clear the drain holes constantly as the rain and winds dumped garden debris chocking the flow of water near drain covers. Oh Boy we just saw it in time or else our house would have been flooded with water. 

It rained steadily and heavily there after for nearly 3-4 hours and thereafter less heavily but still lot of rain.  More rain foretasted today and tomorrow also.

Well enough of my ranting. 

I wanted to share with you this teeny weeny Grasshopper. Just look at it. I caught it on my camera just few days back when I was chatting with my plants early in the morning.

It was just so tiny and so cute. I find all babies cute-human, animals birds or insects. don't you? Look at its eyes. I think it was dozing off. I am not sure whether it was just born or  may be few days old. 

It is first time I saw anything so tiny. 

Do you know what a baby Grasshopper is known as? Well I didn't. So I googled it. It is known as a "

Well the word nymph  brings to my mind an image of a beautiful maiden, roaming around the woods and sitting by rivulets or such things. :) Imagine a baby Grasshopper being called Nymph. 

Well it is slightly drizzling here and heavily overcast. we are bracing ourselves for another downpour.

Bye for now. Keep an eye on my blog. Got lot to share; provided there are no power cuts and my net connection works...

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