Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Easy and Simple Cards

Hello there! Hope you are all doing well. Here the temperatures are slowly soaring up as we are approaching Shiva Ratri- the official day from which our summers start as per our traditional calendars. 

I am still busy cleaning and organising. Phew! Lots to do yet. My garden needs attention. I need to repot and do lots of cleaning up amongst other things. Well this is a never ending process.

Here is one card which is very simple and easy to make. 

I used A4 size baby pink  lightly textured card as the base. I could not capture the colour correctly. No matter how I tried, it is showing peach colour. Any pundits here who can give me some tips on how to get perfect photos? please do help me with some tips and suggestions.

I used two types of glitter self adhesive tapes. After folding the card, I stuck the two tapes as shown below.

Then I added felt flowers with smiling faces. I stamped out the sentiment in black ink on a pink card stock, touched up the edges with pink stamping ink and glued it to the card. Lo the card was ready.

This was done in just few minutes. I needed a card urgently and could not think of something which was much complicated.

Materials Used:

Baby pink textured card stock - A4 size
Glittered self adhesive tapes
Felt flowers
Small piece of Pink card stock
Sentiment stamp
Black and Pink Stamping Inks
Glue, double sided self adhesive tapes

I have many cards in various stages of progress. Mostly, I am stuck with stamping part- which is not one of my favorite things to do. With temperatures soaring and power cuts now and then it is difficult to attend to so many things at a time.

Keep watching my blog.....

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