Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Inchies Sampler - Square 18

Hi there. My work is progressing very slowly. It is terribly hot here. We cannot move out of our houses. The temperatures are ranging between 40 to 47 degrees Celsius. Even as early as seven in the morning, the heat is so much that  we feel as if we are sitting on the burner. As the day progresses, it is getting hotter and hotter so much that we cannot venture out. It is very hot till late in the night.  

We are all forced to sit at homes unless it is something very urgent or unavoidable.

So amidst all this here I am trying to make some progress in my crafts. it is really difficult to do anything when you feel as if you are sitting on fire and your skin feels as if it is burning and there is so much humidity. 

I have completed Square No. 18. This is again related to Square No. 10.

In Square 10, my theme was a Rainbow. So now, in this square, my theme is Dancing Peacock. 

Our elders say, that, when the sky is heavily filled up with dark clouds, just before it starts to rain, the Peacocks open their trains to display their beauty. It is said that, the Peacocks attract the females - Peahen with beauty of their trains and their dance. When the Peacocks dance, and the heavily clouded dark skies adorned with a Rainbow form the backdrop, then it is such a  beautiful sight- isn't it ?

I have embroidered this theme of dancing Peacock, clouded skies, with a Rainbow as its back drop and the jungle filled up with greenery and colourful flowers as its stage.

I wanted to embroider the Peacock. But I could not fit it into such a small square. So I opted for an embellishment (acrylic I think). I could not get a blue one so it is golden Peacock. I have used, Pearl cotton threads and stranded cotton threads for the rest of the embroidery.. 

Do you think the square is too much crowded? Please mail me or drop in your comments, suggestions  or what you think about this sampler, I will be glad to know. 

Watch out for the progress in my next posts......

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inchies Sampler - Square 17

Here I am posting after a long time. 

It is summer here. But in between we have had some rains which is disrupting all the things which we women do in summer. Like pickling, sun drying  vegetables, making crispies and poppadoms...

The untimely storms have damaged mango crop besides, other fruit crop like plantains, papayas, citrus fruits and also other crops. This being the peak season for pickling mangoes, there is huge demand for them. But supply of good produce is so less that the costs have sky rocketed. On the other hand there are power cuts and water shortages.

Well that is the day to day challenges which we people face here. I am just hoping that all  plants in my garden survive the heat. 

Because of all that I could not concentrate much on my projects. I am just picking up what ever UF projects I have and carry on the work as much as I can. 

This is Square 17 of my Sampler.

This is linked to Square 9.

When it rains heavily as shown in square 9, children are the most happy ones. They enjoy the showers, they can bunk schools and play. Here in this square I have embroidered children- a boy and a girl making paper boats and playing in the rain. That is what we used to do when we were children. Now our children don't enjoy such simple things any more.

I have used pearl cotton mostly and some stranded cotton threads. Stitches used were also simple except for the girls hair.

I found it very difficult to stitch such tiny figures to fit into the square. The ground fabric was also a heavy one making it very difficult to stitch. I wanted to have a raised or 3 D effect. 

I am not satisfied with the way the figures turned out. But I did not dare to undo all the embroidery and start allover again. 

I learned some lessons while doing this square. 

Any suggestions on how to stitch such tiny figures? Can any one of you share some tips please?

Hope you like this. Still many squares to go.....

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