Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Inchies Sampler-Square 10

In my sampler for Square-9, the theme was rain-heavy downpour of continuous or intermittent showers for long periods of time ranging from 1-2 days to nearly a week or so. So I embroidered an umbrella. 

Well there also days, when it is partly cloudy sky with showers now and then and suddenly you see a rainbow as the Sun appears for a brief visit. You feel so happy when you find a rainbow in the sky. Whether one is young or old, every one loves a rainbow.

In India we call the rainbow as Indra Dhanush. Indra is God of thunder and Lighting. He is also the King Of Devas and rules the Heavens. Dhanush means a bow. So Rainbow is known as Indra's Bow.

A rainbow may mean different things in different cultures and religions. But in general, it symbolises, love, peace, happiness, divinity, creativity, harmony, expansion and so many things. We hear about "the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow". Rainbow and its colours also mean, our dreams, hope and aspirations. 

So I choose this as my theme for my square no 10. I first wanted to do a simple one rainbow across the sky.

But somehow I felt that the square looked empty so I added the rest-clouds, trees, green grass and flying birds. Here it is

It is difficult to stitch something so small. It is a real challenge. I have mostly used pearl threads and cotton stranded floss for clouds. I used all the seven colours of VIBGYOR. 

During the monsoons, for the first few showers, the clouds carry lot of dust particles and look brownish to muddy in colour. So I added a little bit of brown to the clouds.

Hope you like it.

More to come in my next posts....

Friday, September 5, 2014

Inchies Sampler-Square9

I have jumped to Square 9 now. Square 5 to 8 I will do it later.

Well, the Indian Calendar months of Sravana (5th month-July to August) and Bhadrapada (6th month-August to September) form the major part of rainy season. During these months, there will be heavy to light showers. Sometimes it keeps on drizzling for three-four days. 

After the hot summers, these rains give relief. But the continuous raining is sometimes very difficult for us city folks. Slushy roads, heavy traffic jams, overflowing gutters, slippery roads, very humid climate, power cuts if there are heavy rains and winds have to be dealt with in cities. 

In villages, the farmers are very happy to start their farming work. It is a relief for them and their cattle after a long dusty hot summers. Drinking water and water for farming activities is available only when the local water bodies like wells, rivers, rivulets, lakes, ponds are filled with these rains. There is greenery every where. 

So this is my 9th square:

We have to take out umbrellas to go out in case of the showers. I have used pearl cotton  no 8. The stitches I have used are detached chain, chain stitch, detached button hole and raised satin stitch(actually I have worked slating straight stitches two layers, one upon another for the handle).

Hope you like this. Please do drop in and leave any comments or suggestions. I will be more motivated to finish this early :).....

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Inchies Sampler-Square4

Sorry I could not post for the past few days. It was raining very heavily here. With the festivals and other personal matters to attend to, I could not post my sampler.

Here is square no 4. When there are lots of flowers in my garden(Square-3), it is but natural that there will be butterflies too. Beautiful colourful butterflies, keep visiting my garden through out the day. I have been sharing their visits with you. However, a little glimpse one more time.

So this inspired my 4th square.

Butterflies hovering over flowers. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. I tried my best but could not get a better one.

I have completed around 7 squares. but sometimes, when I look back at some squares, I feel I need to add more. Any way, I will keep you posted about my WIP of this sampler.

Keep an eye on my blog.....