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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Oak Leaf Pattern Finished

I have had this Oak Leaf pattern Stitch Kit with me for some time now. It is one of the many kits/projects, I have which I have not at all touched. Well with strong determination that I must take up and finish all such kits and projects, I am taking up one at a time.

Well this was a kit with two handkerchiefs, pattern, instructions and cotton threads-green and yellow. I traced the design on to one of the handkerchiefs and stitched it. The entire project was to be stitched with 2 strands of thread. The outline was to be stitched in double knot and in one place fish bone stitch was also to be used. The stitches to be used were double knot, button hole, satin, fish bone, stem and chain stitches.

Should be like this as per the given pattern.

I thought it was very simple and easy. But after I started stitching I realised that the Pattern was too small to stitch(but very Big for a hand kerchief) and the double knot with 2 strands was not looking that good. So I did the entire outline in chain stitch. This was also easy to do as the pattern had many twists and turns. Similarly in places where I had to do fish bone stitch, in one place I stitched it but it was very difficult to maneuver my needle as the design was too small. So I used satin stitch in another place. 
I stitched it like this.

In all I could not stitch the pattern as It is. So I finished one hand kerchief only. I am not satisfied with the finished product as my embroidery was not neat and I could not do it as I expected.

I think, I will enlarge this pattern and do it once more for a bigger project. I feel that this pattern will be good for table cloth or pillow cover, bed spreads, etc where we can stitch a larger pattern. I will keep you posted.

What do you say? 

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