Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Ratham Or Chariot Rangoli

Here is a chariot or Ratham Rangloi. You can note the dots from the design above. I have drawn it as Navaratna Ratham-the chariot studded with nine types of gems. In the center, I have drawn a chair for the Lord to sit and a lamp too. 

Sorry for posting so late. I was so busy today. 

This is drawn on Kanuma(third day of festival) and also on Mukkanuma(fourth day). On Kanuma(3rd day), the chariot is drawn entering into the house. It has come to pick up the Lord who has visited us during the festival. On the 4th day, the chariot is drawn going out of the house. That is the Lord is seated in the chariot and is leaving us and going off to his place. A string (a line) is drawn from the chariot on to the road as far as possible, as if it being pulled away. Usually it is linked with the chariot drawn by the neighbor. This way chariots of one is linked to the other. 

Hope you like it. Watch out I may post some more tomorrow. 

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