Thursday, June 28, 2012


 This is 5X5 block. Developed into a bigger design as below.
We can add more blocks depending upon the space available to us. 

Watch out for more in my next posts....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Mahi-It happens only in India...


Baby Mahi passed away within few hours of her falling into the well due to lack of oxygen. Her body was recovered after 90 hours of very tiring rescue operation.

My heartfelt condolences to her bereaved family. May God give them strength to face such a tragic situation. May her soul rest in peace. 

My salute to the army team who worked relentlessly in the rescue operation. 

I am really not out of the shock yet. Yes the chances of baby's survival were very remote. She fell into the well on Wednesday and we came to know of it on Thursday. By then we knew how difficult it is for some one to survive without oxygen, food and water. As the rescue continued hour after hour, the chance of survival was becoming dimmer and dimmer.

But then being humans, we have that little spark some where in our heart called hope. 

Now when it comes to the responsibility of such a tragic incident, everyone was after the government or the administration. Yes, they do have responsibility. 

But what about, the baby's mother and father, what about all those who were living there? Were they not aware that there was an abandoned bore well there? How can they allow their children to play in such an area? 

Are we all citizens not responsible for such things? Can we not take care of our homes, our children and neighborhood at least? Is it enough to think that it is someone else's responsibility and keep quite? Ultimately isn't it us who are suffering?

Especially children. They don't have parks or play grounds to play. They don't have time from their studies and other activities to play. They don't have safe environment. The child abuse is on the rise. Even if the children survive all these, there is still the threat of parents forcing them to become an engineer or a doctor or some other thing even against the wishes of the children.

With the big joint families fast disappearing and the small nuclear families on the rise where both parents work, the children are fast losing the security and the feeling of safety in the family. The parents are not able to cope up their own stress. They still try to give their children the best. But is it enough to provide the children with only material benefits? No doubt it is a difficult choice for the parents with poor and lower middle class backgrounds.

Now there are no grandparents or aunts and uncles to take care or interact with them daily. With whom do the children share their insecurities or fears? 

In olden days children felt safe and secure as they had elder cousins, aunts, uncles and grand parents to look after them. The parents never had to bother in most of the cases. The grand parents and other elders in the family played a major role in teaching them, the ethics, moral values and life skills so that they grew up to be happy and able humans. They could adapt themselves to any situations. OK! big families have their own problems, but in times of difficulties one always had the emotional security.

Now most of the the children brought up in small families are growing up as insecure, selfish and stubborn individuals, very reluctant to adjust or share with others. 

So where are we headed to?  Can we still sing the song....It happens only in India? May be all such things happen in only in India???????

So what is the solution?....How do we provide our children with a safe and happy environment?.....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Please Pray

In Manesar town near Gurgaon, 4 year old little girl named Mahi has fell into 70 feet deep bore well at around 11 pm on Wednesday. Even after 45 hours, the child is struggling for survival and has not yet been rescued. 

How shocking and difficult it is for the child. I just can't even dare to imagine it. We are all praying for her safe rescue. Please! All those who are reading this post do join us and pray for her safety. Ask, your friends, relatives who ever it is to pray for the child. 

Let us just hope that she is rescued safely. Miracles do happen.....

Vine with Berry

Quilled Berry

Here is one simple quilled greeting card created by me long time back. For the vine I have used paper twine in dark brown colour. These days I don't feel well and with heavy rains our power supply is erratic and sometimes voltage is very high. So I am not able to post much, though I have lots to share with you. 

Do keep an eye on my blog.....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome Showers

At last, it rained yesterday after such a long summer and that too such hot days. We all- especially my plants were eagerly waiting for the Monsoon to arrive. It teased us for two weeks but then yesterday when it rained what a heavy downpour. 

It is now cool and wet. I lost some of my precious plants to the heat this summer. Water scarcity and continuous high temperatures were the reasons. This year we did not have those showers which we have in between the hot spells. Thank God. Now I will wait for a few more showers and then take up gardening. I am already on the job of cleaning and getting ready for new plantations.

But these down pours do affect our power supply. Entire week end the power supply was erratic and with huge fluctuations. I could not dare to touch any appliance for the fear of the surges in the power. Yesterday almost entire evening and night, we had to manage with candles.

Thats how i could not post anything. well got to go, catch up my sleep which i missed last night....keep watching my blog ....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Fabric Painting

These days I am spring cleaning. I am going through everything, books, my papers, most of all my clothes-weeding out what I feel is not necessary or worn out. But you know what- some how most of it again creeps back into my closet or storage space, Some I feel I can't throw and some my mom feels so. It happens every time I start spring cleaning. But this time I am really weeding out some of it.

Well during the process I am organising my hobby projects-many unfinished but some finished ones. I am trying to draw a to do list so that I can finish off all my pending projects.

Here is one of my finished projects-fabric paint on odhni(scarf) done for my sis long time back. I even forgot it. Actually there was a time, I was much into painting- any sorts-from doors, windows, grills to fabric, paper....:). It is easy to paint than hand embroidery. These days, I don't have the time and I prefer to use natural light for painting.

Hmmm the above was a scene from  ancient Egyptian murals. I used very bright colours. My sis wanted something unique to wear for a get together in her college. I painted this on a white cotton scarf. Hope you like it.

I should take up painting once again....I love the feel of the brush on my fingers and playing with colours..there is a something soothing  in the act of painting, body, mind and soul...engrossed in it...I miss it very much...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Beautiful Kerala-3

Kochi- The Queen of The Arabian Sea

Kochi or Cochin was known in ancient times to travelers and trades men as Cocym, Cochymn, Cohin, Kochi etc. The Jewish community settled in Kochi call it as Kogin and is in their seal of synagogue.It is also known as the Queen of Arabian Sea or Gateway to Kerala. It is mostly known as Ernakulam which in fact is the main land of Kochi.

Kochi (Kochchi) means:
  • From Malayalam words kochu azhi meaning a small laggon
  • From word Kaci meaning harbour
  • Named after river Kochchi which connects the backwaters to the sea
  • Portugese and British called it as Cochin which remained for a long time
  • In 1996 the name of Kochi was retained
Kochi is a port city on the west coast of India on the shores of Arabian Sea. Since ancient times this port city was known to Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Jews and Chinese and was an important spice trading center. Kochi has a coastline of 48 Kms and is well known for its backwaters. The climate here is Tropical Monsoon type. It is hot and humid and during rainy season there is  heavy rainfall from June to December .

We  find, Hindus, Christians, Muslims and followers of other religions living peacefully. Now for the details of my travels...


Well we all piled up in the van at the airport and headed towards the city very eager and excited.
This was the van we went around for the entire trip, from place to place as we traveled by road. It was roomy and comfortable and our driver was also a very good one. His driving skills put me at ease. Or else on our India roads, I am always nervous and edgy.
 See the lush greenery, paddy fields, surrounded by coconut and jack fruit trees.
Not the Big Ben but a clock tower on our way into the city. We reached the hotel in half an hour. It was a real charming place very beautifully done, oozing the old world charm, reminding me of old houses of South India with heavy wooden furniture made of teak, rosewood.
The coffee shop in the hotel where it is cozy and charming. We spent the evening here  and later had dinner as it was raining.
This was our suite. The wooden furniture and brass/copper fittings reminded me of old bungalows in India. My grans place was like that.
The front room divided into two by wooden partition fitted with glass. The above area for sitting, had a big TV and the sofa which could be turned in to a big bed at night. The one below is with a small table. The small wooden thing on the right actually a had a tiny refrigerator inside it.

The beds again were old fashioned made with wood and metal (brass perhaps) but comfortable. The wall paper with roses captured my attention.
 See the old lantern fitted with bulbs on either side of the beds.
The mirror, the desk and chair- look at them. Colonial style furniture. These days we don't find such pieces made of red wood or teak. But in our childhood we had so many of those. Later on many people threw them out saying that it was old fashioned furniture, heavy and was occupying lots of space. But now they cost you a fortune.
 This is the wardrobe with sliding doors.
See the luggage rack where you can place your luggage is made of wood and brass.

We all had a very sumptuous lunch, with Rotis, white steamed rice, curries, chutneys and  curds. Then took rest for an hour as it was very hot and humid.

Then we were to go for sight watch out....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flower Arrangement

People always think that they need lot of expensive things to decorate their homes. But it is very much possible to decorate our homes, using less expensive things. Fresh flowers, from our own garden or growing wild are one of them.

Here is one arrangement of fresh flowers in water. This was in one of the resorts I visited in Kerala. All these flowers grow wild on the road side.

Terracotta tray filled with fresh cold water has been used. The flowers used are hibiscus, periwinkle, blue flowers(I don't know their name), daisies etc, which are quite common in our homes and also grow abundantly on road side. 

This arrangement will last easily for 3-4 hours. This can be placed on North-East corner (as per Vaastu) or in the living room or on the front porch, or on a table. Even in the garden this would look great.

One can use various sizes and shapes of terracotta, glass, metal, stone or other trays or bowls for such arrangements. Use of fragrant flowers will also fill the area with fragrance. or else one can add a few drops of aromatic oils or scents to the water.

So why don't you try it to please your guests.....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beautiful Kerala-2

Arrival at Kochi

Kerala also known as Keralam is an Indian State located on the South West coast (known as Malabar Coast) in India. It has an area of 38,83 Sq Kms, capital is Thiruvananathapuram(Trivandrum). It was formed in 1956 by combining three areas of Travancore, Cohon and Malabar.It is surrounded by Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Arabian Sea. The language spoken is Malayalam hence the people are called Malayalees.

Kerala Means: 
The word Kerala or Keralam is said to have been derived from 
  • Chera- a dynasty which ruled some parts of South India and alam means land. Hence land of Cheras. Word Chera later on came to be pronounced as Kera.
  • Kera(sanskrit)-meaning coconuts and alam means land. Hence Land of Coconuts

It is said that Parasurama one of the Dasavataras of Lord Vishnu created the area of Kerala when he threw his axe into the Arabian sea and the sea withdrew from the area where the axe fell.

Kerala is known for 
  • its beaches lush greenery, ayurvedic tourism
  • tropical forests, breeding and nesting place for many birds, 
  • animals like elephants etc. living in sanctuaries
  • spices, coconuts, cashew nuts, jack fruits, pineapples, bananas
  • their unique culture and cuisine
  • huge stretches of back waters where one can do boating and fishing
  • highest literacy rate
  • highest human development index
  • least corrupt states of India
  • nominated as cleanest state, five out ten best cities to live
  • nominated as one of the ten paradises of the world, 50 must see destinations of a lifetime
You can read more about the State here:

One has to really see through their own eyes the beauty of the destinations of Kerala as it cannot be described in words. I visited it once long time back and since then was wanting to go their with my family to explore the state and enjoy the nature. It happened now.

OK here we go.....The dairy of my travelogues..


We were a group of nine people, three children and my mom included, reached Kochi (Cochin) airport in the afternoon by 1.30pm. It is a quaint little airport but so beautiful. The buildings reminded me of our old traditional homes of South India. I grew in one such huge home of my maternal grandmother. The slanting roofs in the shape of pyramids, constructed on wooden beams and rafters, supported by lovely carved wooden pillars and covered with red coloured terracotta or clay tiles. The entire building is usually surrounded by open varandas with slanting roofs and pillars.
Here are some shots.
You can see the spires. Traditionally they were made of bronze or copper to conduct electricity in case of lightning striking during rainy season.

This is a shot from a distance. Look at the lush green surroundings.

I am afraid I could not get a proper shot of the structure. You can see some here:

Well we were very hungry as we had some break fast early in the morning and with all the excitement, we could not eat much. So quickly we piled up our luggage into a 15 seater van and started towards the Kochi city......All of us were very excited and thought Yahooo.....Kochi here we come.....

Watch out for the next posts as our travel to beautiful spots starts from here....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beautiful Kerala-1

A Glimpse...

I promised you all that I would share my glimpses of the Beautiful Kerala with you all. Kerala known as God's Own Country is really so. The backwaters, lush green nature, air filled with the scent of spices and colourful flowers and fruits, yummy cuisine and to top it all beautiful people with their simple living and friendly nature.....

Well I am as much excited and impatient to share it all with you...but it will take some here is a glimpse...
KathaKali-Traditional  Dance from Kerala
This is KathaKali-the traditional dance from Kerala. I will write about it in detail in my next posts and also have some videos to share with you all. This live performance we enjoyed  in one of our stays at a small town. I have always been fascinated with various dances of India-whether traditional or folk and try to learn as much about them as possible. Katha Kali is one such forms which has attracted me even as a child. The elaborate makeup, extensive use of eyes  for expressing various feelings is what enthralls me...

Well keep a watch on my will be a feast for you eyes......I promise..I will share it with you all.... the moment I can find a little time...but bye for to go....

Monday, June 4, 2012

I am Back

Hi there. I am back after a wonderful rejuvenating trip. Though I travel so much, this is an outing with my family and friends after a very long time. It went well though I missed out some of my plans but I have so much to share with you all. I did not feel like coming back from those lovely places. 

Back to my home where the summer is at its peak-this year temperature at its high continuously with out even a drop of rain in between. Some of my plants died due to heat and some were on the verge. The moment I entered my home the first thing I did was to water the plants. This is when I don't like to go away from my home. Well I need to work on my garden this monsoon-it needs a lot of work. We are just waiting for the first few showers.

On my work much has piled up in just a week's time..I just don't understand  how it gets piled up easily. I need to work hard now to clear off all that. But more and more work keeps coming. This is a real hectic time for us at our work place. I envy all those who are out still, enjoying the summer holidays. 

Well I missed out last week's TAST challenge. Hope I can do next one....

In this heat I don't feel like doing anything...Just completing my daily chores apart from my work is really taxing...I hope and pray that Monsoon comes here soon....