Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Herringbone Stitch-1

TAST-2012-5th Week-Herringbone Stitch

This weeks Stitch was Herringbone Stitch. Visit Sharon's site for the Challenge. 

Well I have not been feeling well. Though I have thought about a lot of variations and experiments with the stitch, I could not do most of them. Actually I could hardly sit for long, let alone able to stitch. So here are a few of my doodles with the stitch:
1. Herringbone 2. Stitches worked apart 3. Stitches worked closely 4. Double Herringbone 5. Criss-cross Herringbone
6. Closed Herringbone or Double Back Stitch  7. Triple Herringbone  8. Tied Herringbone with Straight Stitch  9. Threaded Herringbone
 9. Tied Herringbone- with + stitch  10. Herringbone with French knots 11. Closed Herringbone with seed beads
 12.  Herringbone with Beads 
 13. Herringbone with Beads  14. Herringbone with Feather Stitch
14. Herringbone with Buttonhole Stitch 15. Herringbone-patterned Stitches

I have made a note of lot many other ideas, but may be I will try it later. Stitch 14 and 15 were extra challenge-combination of Herringbone with previous stitches of TAST 2012. Keep watching for more....

Eagerly waiting for the new challenge tomorrow....


Kathleen said...

Beautiful. Wonderful stitching. You are a great stitcher. Kathy

Isabelle said...

very nice sampler

Ms Sharma said...

Thank You Isabelle and Kathleen

Madhavi said...

Very beautiful.