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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gopuram Stitch Tutorials-Part II

My first part was only the basics. My grand mother taught me these flowers. If I remember correctly, these flowers were stitched with a white thread (coarse cotton yarns) on her velvet blouses usually of dark colours. The flowers had 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 petals with a mirror in the center or sometimes a chain stitch  or French knots or satin stitch in the center of the flower. These were used as motifs on the back, around the neck and hem of the sleeves. They were also worked on pillow covers(minus the mirrors) and cloth bags, door curtains etc.

 I learnt them from her much later. Here are some samples I worked out:
3 petalled flower 
7 petalled flower
Here I have anchored the last stitch with French knots and bullion stitch. Sorry my bullion stitch are not state of art work especially when I am working with wide eyed needles :) :).
Some more patterns I have worked for my sampler.


Nab Mum said...

I really love reading ur "embroidery" section. Been wanting to dab into embroidery for some time and I find ur posts very motivating. Keep up the great work!!

Love from Singapore ;-)

Ms Sharma said...

Thank you so much