Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quilled Ear Studs

Here are my first attempts at quilled ear studs.
These were created using quilling paper strips of different widths. I am making them in different colours to match the dresses. The quality of the pic is not what I like but cannot help it. I don't have time to photograph them properly in natural light.

I have so many creative ideas to experiment with and create. That needs time which I don't have on my hands presently. Keep a watch as I will be posting as and when I create something new.


Anu Goel said...

Hello Ms Sharma, your art is very nice you can also see my art of quilling on be my follower if you like please comment

Anu Goel

Gayu said...

Very pretty...I've recently started Quilling...I simply enjoy it...I need ur suggestions on how to improvise the art.

Nice blog...I liked the Kolams:)

Ms Sharma said...

Anu Thanks a lot.

Gayu I would be glad to help you. Just keep an eye on my blog for more quilling tutorials and jewellery. You can mail me your queries if any...

Anonymous said...

Ivi chaala bagunnayi. Kottha idea.