Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Reusable Rangoli-7

This time I have used a thick plastic sheet of light blue colour which is used for spiral binding. My sis teaches, writes and publishes a lot of articles. She gets them spiral bounded. So I have some left over plastic sheets used as covers. 

These sheets are thick, available in many colours-both light and dark shades and are quite cheap. I used Kundans for this Rangoli.

I have created an Ashtadala Padma-eight petalled lotus which is drawn for pleasing Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) at least on Fridays. The flower in the center is 8 petalled. then I added other petals to make it more decorative. I have used Red and Green colours as they stand for prosperity, wealth, auspicious, health and happiness.

Here it is. 

I have stuck the kundans with glue. since the plastic sheet is thick it is easy to handle and can be placed where ever you like-prayer room, table tops etc. This would look good on  white coloured sheet but I don't have one. Hope you like it...

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