Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sree Rama Navami Special

Here is the Rangoli I created for this special occasion. I am sorry I could not post this yesterday. I am not feeling well and in severe pain. Due to the influence of medicines I am taking, I am feeling very groggy. But at the same time when there is relief from pain after the drugs start working, I feel so restless. So in order to divert my mind, I am just doodling something or the other. That is why I could not post it yesterday

Well here are the Rangolis. I am posting only two now. You can see my hand was not steady. There are more but I need to pen them properly. Here have a look:

This is how you have to place the dots-11X11 square first and then 3 and 1.
This is how you should join the dots. Lord Rama was known for his archery. He was famous for "One word and one arrow". This means once He gave a word, He stood by it no matter what and always redeemed his promise. He was also known for his  archery. He needed only one arrow to kill demons and evil people. Such was his valour that demons and evil forces feared just by hearing his name. Even today it is believed that when one recites His name, evil forces or bad spirits don't come near. That is why I have chosen a bow and arrow. There is also OM the auspicious symbol. The flowers are my offering to the Lord.

Here I have shown just arrows. Like I said above, Rama Banam-Rama's arrows were very powerful in destroying the bad and evil forces. This is 7X7 block.

May Lord's blessings be with all of us.

Hope you liked it. Just keep a watch as I am going to post more special very rare and traditional designs.

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