Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday-Free Patterns


Friends it is Summer season here. The days are hot and temperatures are soaring. But God is so kind that He has blessed us with all those things which help us during this hot season. Some of the cooling agents are cucumbers, melons, coconuts, palm fruits, vattiver and many more things. But the most beautiful and fragrant of all is Jasmine. Its fragrance reminds of the SummersOfIndia...:)

Jasmines flower only during hot summers. They are fragrant and mostly pristine white in colour. Some times they may have a little red shades on petals or even dots. But in general they are white. 

The word Jasmine is derived from the word "Yasmin" an Arabic/Persian word meaning "Gift of God". 

In Sanskrit it is known as Malati. Mallika, in Hindi Motia Bahar or Motia and in Telugu Malle. There are many varieties like single petalled double petalled and also the ones with different fragrances like Chameli (Hindi) or Chambeli(Telugu), Juhi(Hindi) or Jaji(Telugu), Virajaji(Telugu), Kagada Malli (Telugu-which does not have nay fragrance). 

In India the flower Jasmine is symbol of purity and fragrance and generally used to denote a pure heart-as saying goes: Malle lanti manasu-Heart as pure as Jasmine. 

It is cultivated in almost all our homes apart from commercially as it is used for worshipping, worn in the hair by women and girls and also for floral decorations.

So this time my free pattern is Jasmine:

This is an artistic depiction of the flower. This can be used for block printing, painting and embroidery. 

You should excuse me for the smudges and pencil marks. I am in a hurry so thought I would post this quickly. 

Hope you like it.

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