Friday, April 15, 2011

Crochet Lace

Crochet is one art which I love but don't have much practise. I used to create at one time-though not much complicated designs. I preferred working with wool as it was less strenuous and easy to complete. But working with cotton yarn is not my forte. 

I have bought some yarn now with the intention of taking up it once again and mastering it at least to some extent.  I should show my stash-for a person who doesn't have time to pursue all these, I have so much enthusiasm :).

Just recovering from my illness and still not very strong but one thing that motivates me is shopping for craft supplies. Yesterday my sis wanted something and I pitched in with her to go shopping. Though I was not able to walk around much, I picked up some very beautiful things.

Anyway one of them was this lace. Though I can make my own I somehow can't resist buying. After all the ladies who create this come from very poor back grounds. With the advent of machine made laces hand made ones have been badly hit in India. So I just buy as much my budget allows.
                 Crochet Lace
I also bought a smaller one. But by the time I was choosing this I was so rest less and in pain that I ended up buying the same design. Well its OK- it would be matching ones.
Here is the smaller one.
                   Crochet Lace

My sis bought many laces and some zardosi work. I could not photograph them as she was in a hurry. Let me see I will try to post those too.


Cobi said...

are you sure? they look like bobbin lace to me.

Ms Sharma said...

Cobi as far as I know it is crochet lace as the ladies of Narsapur area make items out of very fine threads.The laces are so fine that sometimes look like machine ones.

But now that you have raised a doubt, I will have to clarify. I don't think bobbin lace is that popular in India. But let me get clarification.

Hana - Marmota said...

They're definitely bobbin lace. Bobbin lace is like weaving, while crochet is similar to knit in that it works with one continuous thread formed into loops, which are then connected by threading one loop through another. I see no such loops on either of the pictures you posted, while I see the typical woven bobbin lace motifs.

Ms Sharma said...

Thanks Hana for clarifying.

I asked the shop keeper but he just said that it was crochet lace. But then they are not so much aware of the crafts. And I had no other means of checking it up.

I don't have an idea whether any one manufactures bobbin lace in India. I will check up. The shop keepers also don't reveal their source of purchase.

So it will take a while. But since you are saying that it is bobbin lace it might be.

Thank you once again