Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trendy Footwear

Indian footwear

I have been wanting to do some posts on foot wear of India for quite sometime now. Footwear is one of the important accessories that completes and compliments our dressing, style and fashion-be it a man or woman. No matter how elegantly you are dressed with out proper foot wear we don't get the complete look. Isn't it what they say "Put your best feet forward"? 

For us women footwear along with other accessories is  much more important.

One has to be very careful in choosing proper foot wear to suit the dress, occasion at the same time be more comfortable. i don't believe in getting dressed up in some silly clothing or footwear which, we cannot carry or feel uncomfortable.  Comfortable, sensible at elegant dress as well as footwear to suit the occasion as well as our personality give us confidence which makes us look more beautiful.

For us Indian women choosing footwear is a big challenge. First we din't have much to choose from till a few years ago. Getting something within our budget was also so difficult.  Added to that, we had to be careful in choosing foot wear to match our traditional attire of Saris, or Salwar suits. Even then when we are decked up for some occasion like marriages etc, we had no matching footwear or something which would go well with our silks, brocades or heavily embellished attires. 

But now we have a wide range to choose from. I don't much go in for glitters and loud coloured ones. However I  don't mind a very subtle elegant collection. I will try to post some of my limited collections.

Here is one, which is simple but elegant. The colour is black. Straps are orange mixed with gold and gold dots. They have been edged with little gold beads. They can be worn with silks and other traditional attire.

The only thing I don't like about them is that they are absolutely flat. I prefer a little heel. Any way I think they were a good pick for the money.

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