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Indian Traditional Jewellery-2

Edu Varala Nagalu-II

How the Days of the Week were Named:

Indian Calendar known as Panchang is based on scientific reasoning. 
  • Each week consists of 7 days
  • Each day is counted from sunrise of that day to the sunrise of next day 
  • A day means day time and night time put together
  • Each day is  divided into 24 Horas or hours. 
  • Each Hora is governed or affected by the  planet from the nearest lower orbit. 
  • That planet is known as Lord of that Hora. 
  • The day is named after the planet that rules the first Hora of that Day-like Sunday-Sun, Monday-Moon etc.
But why does Monday come after Sunday and Tuesday after  it ? There is a reason for it too. Read on....

Saturn is the farthest or highest. The order from lowest to highest is
  1. Moon
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Sun
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
Sun is the King of all planets-as he is the Star burning bright and center of our Solar system and he was created or was visible first in the universe. He is known as Graha Raju-King of planets. So in his honour, he was considered as the Lord of the first hour of the first day, .

The Lords of the 2nd hora is Venus or Shukra whose orbit is below to the Sun. So the Lords 
of Horas are as follows:

Lord (English)
Lord (Sanskrit)

After Mars Hora, it again starts with Sun hora and repeats on. So the 24th Hora from Sun Hora is  Moon Hora. Hence it is called as Monday. And so on....

Since the planets influence us a lot, it is believed that by wearing the gem stones, eating food, wearing the clothes of colours relating to these Planets will help us. 

Who wore such jewels:

The rich and royal wore these type of ornaments. Even in those days, only rich could afford one type of ornaments each day.

One of the famous or well known woman who had these Edu Varaala Nagalu was Sathyabhama.  She was the most loved daughter of rich king Satrajeet.

She is believed to be an Avatar (manifestation of Gods/Goddess on Earth as humans) of Bhudevi (Mother Earth).  

She was the daughter of King Satrajeet. He was one of the powerful kings and a very great devotee of Sun God. He did a great penance  and Sun God was pleased and gifted the king with Samantaka Mani or the jewel known as Samantaka. This jewel gave lot of prosperity especially lot of gold every day. So the King was considered as very rich and powerful.

Sathyabhama was his daughter. She was very beautiful and an apple of eye of the king. This made her to be very stubborn, egoistic and haughty. She was known for all these and for throwing tantrums. She was well trained in the martial arts and was no less than a man.

Sathybhama  was the 3rd wife of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the Avatar of Lord Vishnu or one of the Trinity. 

She came to know of Lord Krishna as the most handsome and powerful King of Dwarka.  She heard of His many deeds and fell in love with Him. 

How she became Lord Krishna's wife and why her 7vaarala Nagalu became so in my next posts...till then keep an eye on my blog.......

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