Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Embroidered Butees-1

I have been posting about laces and borders that can be attached to saris, dresses, chunaris etc.  These are all the most in thing now. These days, many of the sarees, blouses, dresses like tunics(kurthas) and Pants, odhnis or chunaris etc have these borders or laces attached to them. 

I am now going to post on some Butees to. Butees or embroidered Butees pronounced as booties are embroidered motifs. 
  • These are available in circular, triangular, square or other shaped patches. 
  • The size also varies from very tiny ones to very huge ones. 
  • Available in different colours like gold, silver, copper or antique, red, yellow, pink, blue green depending upon the colour of the silk thread or kundan or stone used.
  • Gold, silver, copper threads or metallic purls, kundan stones, silk threads etc are embroidered into different shaped motifs. 
  • The work used in these may be, simple, silk or gold embroidery, Zardosi, Antique work, Kundan work etc. 
  • These patches are done on stiff cloth and are very easy to attach to saris, blouses, kurthas etc. All we have to do is attach them in the required manner.
  • This saves lot of time and energy and we don't have to be experts of various embroideries. Moreover when embroidering directly on saris or some other clothing, even a small mistake will cost us a lot. The beauty of the entire work is lost.
  • These patches of various shapes and sizes can be used for creating our own designs or motifs on the cloth.
  • These patches can be attached to plain saris but these days they are being attached to even printed materials to enhance or high light their beauty.
  • These look good on almost any fabrics-cottons, chiffons, crepes especially silks.
  • These are available as number of pieces (bigger sized ones) and in packs of 25, 50 or 100 for smaller ones. 
  • Price varies with the size and the material used in the patches. But most of them are affordable.
So  here we go....
This is a small flower. See the gold work and the green coloured stone in the center.
See how on the back side it is backed by another cloth to give it stiffness as well as  protects the stitches of the work. So it looks neat when attached to very sheer fabrics. These are available in different colours. I bought this as a pack of 50.

So what are you waiting for? Just pick up some of these. 

Keep a watch on my blog for the latest trends and fashions... I am going to post more varieties of these and also laces and borders......

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