Sunday, October 24, 2010



I am not keeping good health and with heavy and continuous raining, it is difficult to complete our daily chores. Cloudy skies and heavy down pours, chilly weather, frequent power cuts and most of all voltage fluctuations are irritating. Voltage fluctuations are dangerous as they may harm electrical appliances. So I was not able to post. Any way, here it is. 
In Rangoli patterns, apart from traditional designs, we try to draw unusual ones. I will be posting some such designs in the next posts. Here is one of them.
I have named this as Houses, Trees and birds. When ever I visit our villages, I like the peaceful surroundings. Small houses or even huts with thatched roofs huddled together, or even sitting in the corner of their fields, lots of greenery, especially the huge banyan, neem or tamarind trees which offer shelter to these little huts, travellers, cattle and vendors selling snacks, tea, vegetables or fruits. I love to see the women, sitting in their doorways or back yards, going about their daily chores- like, feeding the poultry or cattle, sweeping, drying out the produce like chillies, maize etc., either in the yard or on the roof tops and guarding them against the birds or cattle, chatting with neighbours...I become nostalgic. 
Though it sounds so idyllic, it is real hard work and they face so many hardships. Yet they are happy and peaceful when compared with us city folks.
Any way, this design has been inspired by such thoughts.
This is 17 to 1 dots- straight.
This is a closer look. 
I think you can follow it clearly. If you have any doubts, do mail me.

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