Friday, May 14, 2010

The Blooming Cassia

Recently on my travels I happened to stay in a place which was full of these beautiful Cassia trees. They bloom in the hot summers and are so beautiful to look at. I love them. Cassia Fistula-thats is Botanical name, Indian Laburnum, known as Krtamala in Sanskrut, Amaltas in Hindi and Rela in Telugu.

The fruit, seed, pulp, and  even the roots of Cassia, have medicinal properties. In oriental medicine it is prescribed as a mild purgative, reliever of thoracic obstructions, etc. These are also used for asthma, leprosy, ring worm, fever, heart problems, etc. The fruit pulp is a safe purgative for pregnant women and young children. The pulp is supposed to enhance the beauty of the skin too.

Here are the pictures.  The whole tree is filled with yellow flowers and that too in hot summers.
The whole tree is covered with blooms, we don't even find the leaves amongst them.

 A closer view at the flowers.
These are the fruits. I want to make Bonsai of these plants. I don't know how many years will it take them to bloom in pots. But let me try.

Hope you liked them......

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