Friday, April 30, 2010

Its been a long time.....

Hello friends, I am yet on another one of my hectic tours. That is why I could not keep in touch. But today some how I managed to, so here I am. There is lot to share with you. I will try to post as much as I my hectic shcedule allows me to. I missed you all and I did not have time to at least tell you all that I may not be able to post for some time.

It was quite difficult for me to prepare  for the travel. Till the last moment I was just packing something or the other and did not have even two hours sleep a day  a week before leaving for here. But I slept most of the way on my long journey by the train. I love trains. There is something very romantic about it.

Anyway,  here I am. This is a beautiful place, surrounded by gardens, beautiful lawns. Its so peaceful here. I am able to let my hair down as we are not able to go out much after the working hours. Its far away from the city and not possible to go out much. Equipped with a swimming pool, a gym, tennis and badmionton courts, a beautiful library and other facilities, this is a paradise. After our work, we are all going for long walks or work out in the gym, play one of the sports, or just sit quitely and talk. Boy it had been a long time since I felt so peaceful.

But I would love to go out seeing the sights and shop. Here its a shoppers paradise for many things, be it be the accessories like bags and purses, belts, scarves, bangles, jewelery, hair accessories, clothes and of course textiles. Moreover, there are different markets in different places for different price ranges to shop for these things. Each market is famous for some thing or the other....That makes it more complecated. Added to that  there is not much time after our work hours before the shops are closed. We are trying to shop as much as possible in the little time. Being so far away from the city with lack of proper conveyence its difficult. Moreover shopping should be slow and liesurely not rushing through. At least I cannot enjoy it that way. Let us see what happens.

It seems I am well behind on my TAST. I am not able to do much, as my stash is very limitted. I could not pack much. But I think I will pick it up and post you with some of my experiments.

So keep watching my blog for the latest in the acessories, textiles, and of coarse lovely sites here........

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