Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ohhhh! Its good to be back home after a long stay and long journey. I am so tired, have a splitting head ache. But I just wanted to share my photos, especially those of Tast 2010. But Alas! battery of my camera is completely out and it takes, overnight to charge it...I am disappointed  :( :( :(

But I will load them the first chance I get. I have also had a go at the village scenery. I am afraid I have to check how good the pictures are as I had clicked them from a moving vehicle. I just hope at least some of them are good.

I am feeling sleepy..but needed to share this with you...Ohh by the way I landed my hands on some of the most beautiful and unique Rangoli designs...Will have to draw them and share them with you. It will take some time though.....Good night for now

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