Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mixed Embroideries

I wanted to share with you some of doodling in embroidery. You know it takes some time for any one to pick up the rhythm either in knitting or in embroidery. Unless we practice the stitch on a doodling cloth first, we cannot actually go for the project. At least for me its true. Because I don't get often to pursue my hobbies. When ever I embark on big embroidery projects or even any other art like fabric painting etc, I need to practice for some time first. When I am satisfied that have achieved that correct rhythm, I take up the project.
Here was one of my doodles, when I took up the needle after a very long time. I just practiced on small hand napkins and presented to my mother. You can see that they are not perfect, but then it was fun in doing them any way.

Here I have used applique, lazy daisy, buttonhole, bullion, herring bone, stem stitch etc
This is applique using small pieces of cloth from my stash.
Here I have used applique for butterfly, bullion for flowers, lazy daisy and stem for leaves and foliage.
 This is again applique
This is herring bone using two different colours of threads.

Some of the designs were taken from my four year old niece's drawings..like the butterfly...All the embroidery is hand work only......Do leave your comments  please.....

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