Friday, December 18, 2009


 Brooch is a piece of jewelery used to enhance the beauty of a plain or simple garment. It is usually used by pinning it on the dress. In India we use brooches pinned to our saris. I am so very fond of brooches and collect them when ever I can and wear them on special occasions.
Brooches are made of metals like gold, silver and gems. or other metals and semi precious stones. These days, multi-coloured ones and stone brooches are quite in thing. Younger generation may not much care for it when they wear modern attires. But when one wears saris it enhances the beauty especially if the saris are plain ones.
Any way here are some from my collection....
This is a bunch of purple flowers, made in Indonesia. Its gold plated. For the past six years I have been owning this and it still retains its shine and beauty.
 These are pink coloured stones. Reminds me of pomegranate seeds.
           Peacock Feather Brooch
  This is one of my favourites -shaped in peacock stones a bit rare shade in blue...
Peacock Feather Brooch  
Now this is a smaller one when compared to the above but with emerald green stones...
                         Swan Brooch 
Now here comes my pink swan...I love and white coloured stones on white metal...
                     Dolphin Brooch 
This little one is a dolphin...I love dolphins great friendly creatures..any wonder I love to wear it?
                       Peacock Brooch
Here is a multi coloured peacock...The coloured work is known as Meenakari..that is inlay of enamel or art of decorating metal with enamel.

Photographing them was very difficult since, they were very shiny. But somehow I did it. That is why some of the pictures may not be crystal clear.

Hmm I do have some more but will share them some other time.....

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puja said...

Sailaja you really have an awesome collection. N i also love collecting Brooches.