Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Garden

Hi friends

After a spell of rains and my hard work in the garden the results are starting to show though slowly...

I am sharing the images with you. Hope you enjoy them.

First custard apple in my garden. The plant may be two or three years old. Way to go. In India custard apples grow in the wild near the villages and mountainous areas. They are harvested by the locals and sold by basket fulls quite cheap on the highways to the people passing through the way. Many a time when we visit these rural areas, we stop by, shamelessly bargain and buy the fruits. They are quite delicious and very nutritious since they grow naturally in the wilderness. No pesticides or manures are used. My mom and my brother in law love them. I do too. But the fruit contain a lot of seeds and eating involves a lot of hard work. LOL!
 Chillies grown in a pot. Gives a good crop. The plant is three years old.
 Red hibiscus. Actually it is blood red in colour, here the real colour has not come out well.
Pink Hibiscus. Flowers quite often.
Rose in any colour is beautiful. I love them

These are I think Crown of thorn flowers .
A visitor to my garden. Just the other day I was having early morning coffee in my garden, and happened to see this beauty. I had only my cell phone to capture it. The picture does not do justice to the real one. But I did not have time to rush in and bring out my camera.
This is the nest of a small bird. It had chicks in it. We discovered this in our potted palm quite by chance, built between two leaves. The birds abandoned it after some time when the chicks flew away and I cut off the lower leave to get a better view.

I have come across many a nest in my garden but could not photograph them as I dont want to disturb the residents there.

Its nice to know that I have some chirpy birds nesting in my garden. Hope I get some pictures of the little ones though.


Astrid said...

Love to see photos from your garden! I started weeding yesterday and have to continue today, if no rain.

Sailaja said...

Thank you dear

Unknown said...

Glad to know about your garden & it's visitor. I felt like i am in a garden. we had a big/huge tree in a government land but colony people have cut it down mercilessly : - ( . not sure when these educated society understands the need of trees & plants.