Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tomato Rose

I love to learn new things, create new things using different media. This gives me a high. I keep on experimenting and flashes of creative thoughts strike me at odd moments. But I note them down and try them out, improvising and innovating. I have learnt many of the arts and crafts on my own, by reading and experimenting a lot.

I am fascinated by colours. That's why I enjoy going around a vegetable market, or flower and fruit market as equally enthusiastic as I wander around a fabric shop.

I love vegetable carving. I keep trying those little things for garnishing the delicacies I experiment; one of passions being cooking. It requires a lot of patience, an eye for detail and creativity. One can do wonders with all those vegetables and fruits, be it tomatoes, carrots, brinjals...the list is endless. One needs very sharp knives of different varieties. I for one use the kitchen knifes I have for the time being as I am still a beginner.

Today I am going to share with you the art of making a tomato rose. All we need is a firm tomato and a sharp knife with a pointed edge or a peeler and a few sprigs of coriander or mint leaves. I have used curry leaves . The colour of the tomato can be red or orange or even an yellow one. The red ones are the ripe ones and being soft, its a bit difficult to peel the skin.

Step I: Wash and wipe the tomato. With the knife put a small cut on the bottom of the tomato. The cut is only for peeling the skin and should not be very deep. Now with the knife or peeler start peeling from the cut. Peel the skin carefully, taking care to keep it as thin as possible, and with out a break as much as you can . But don't worry even if the peel gets cut in between. That can also be used.

Step II: Here I have peeled only three-fourths of the tomato and used it.

Step III: I could not cut longer peel at first. I had cut two small pieces before I got the hang of it and could make a longer one. So I used the first two small ones as base petals. Once you have the required length of peel curl into into a roll and place it on the sprig of leaves or just three leaves of mint or parsley.

I have used the rose to garnish my Biryani. You can use them to garnish or just keep it in a small plate on the dining table. You can make as many as you wish.

Now wasn't that easy? I hope my instructions and pictures were clear and you were able to follow. If not please let me know.So why don't you try and let me know? Your comments and suggestions are always welcome and boost my enthusiasm. I am going to share with you some more veg carvings shortly. So follow my blog.


Anonymous said...

Clever idea. You must have a lot of patience - tomatoes can be delicate although the skin is touch.

Good job with your BLOG. I'm a newbie too come visit mine. /;)

Sailaja said...

Thank you. Your blog is very informative and beautiful.